Art Purchases | licenses | Creative services

All artwork is available for purchase and/or creative licensing. Prints are available with or without framing, depending client preference and need. Shipping is free for all prints under 20 x 30, for all purchases made within the United States. Various prints are limited in print number, size as well as aesthetic (ie. color, cropping, edits). All sales of larger prints are open to discussion regarding framing and shipping, to ensure satisfaction upon delivery.

Licensing is offered to creatives, businesses and events, at the discretion and agreement of the co-op’s existing brand (ie. Film Festivals, Clothing, Musicians, etc.). All IPs are shared through contractual agreements (via paid or complimentary), to ensure that both parties (myself and the prospective client) are getting the most out of the work relationship. Any use of the photography of Harvey Pullings, II without written consent, will be subject to legal action.

For businesses/events, services include space/interior, and client/staff photography. All images are edited and submitted for client usage within a pre-discussed time frame and service rate, with digital material being the primary format. Physical print requirements for clients will be decided according to deadlines and scheduling.