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People of the Concrete is Harvey Pullings II’s perspective of a more candid, less polished Chicago. Shot within the neighborhoods of Chatham, Rogers Park, Edgewater, and various parts of the inner city – this exclusive photo exhibition is a celebration of the city’s Black residence, through images of intimacy and vulnerability.

Focusing on photographs outside of protest and violent struggle, Harvey’s camera is an exploration of humanity against the varying backdrops of the city. It is a portrait of a Chicago that is often ignored, and the people that often see themselves in a mirror with no reflection.

This compilation features work shot over the past four years, with several pieces from the year before Chicago's COVID-19 lockdowns. These are images we all see daily, captured with an intent to show the beauty of a one-of-a-kind city and its unique residents. 

People of the Concrete will be on display  at 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck from late May through the end of July. Access to the exhibition is included with every admission ticket. A portion of all print sales from the photo exhibition will benefit My Block, My Hood, My City.