My first showcase of my photography was at a RAW Chicago event earlier this year [2018], where I only had enough room for about 8 pictures. I sold two pictures, my first time ever being paid for my photography, and I'll never forget my nerves being on end with having family and friends attending to see my work for the first time. To have had a photo exhibit as a solo artist, was a humbling experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Two months of planning, selecting and printing the right images to represent my style, commentary and perception of Chicago, atop of the collaborative work I've done with models and other creatives - was an intimate, fulfilling and emotional process. Photography and film-making are one in the same for me. They depend on a considerable amount of transparency and vulnerability, to be able to connect with an audience in a way that may be both broad or exclusive in the message expressed. Part of me is in every single photo I've ever taken, and I humbling say thank you to all those who donated, purchased and reached out to me about this gallery. Your donations and investments are going towards my new film, which I am planning on being a big statement and leap into my career. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


This was a success, and as we close out the end of this year, I feel motivated and optimistic that I can surpass my accomplishments of 2018, as we push forward towards 2019. I hope to continue to work with familiar collaborators and new clients, and continue my growth and success as an artist and filmmaker in the years to come. 

Thank you.